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Early Childhood Education Types

A unique preschool experience for your child

Albany Community Preschool is a not-for-profit community preschool that was established over 50 years ago by a group of parents who recognized the need for an Early Childhood facility in the Albany Basin of the North Shore. We provide a safe, nurturing, stimulating environment where your child will have the opportunity to play, learn, and enjoy excursions outside of preschool.

We offer an excellent staff to child ratio, and are proud of our very experienced team of committed, passionate, fully-qualified and registered early childhood teachers who have been educating and caring for young children for many, many years.

As we recognize that learning begins at home, we work in close partnership with our parents/whanau to ensure the children that who leave Albany Community Preschool are intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially prepared for moving onto Primary School.

Meet Our Team

Bev Furness Albany Preschool

Beverley Furness

Lynne Dobson Albany Preschool

Lynne Dobson

HEAD Teacher
Janice Killick Albany Preschool

Janice Killick

Jeanette Winslade Albany Preschool

Jacci Stewart

Charelene Sneddon Albany Preschool

Charlene Sneddon

Sam Ellis Albany Preschool

Sam Ellis

Lizette Lindeque Albany Preschool

Lizette Lindeque

Nicci Palmer Albany Preschool

Nicci Palmer

Toni Haward Albany Preschool

Toni Haward

Centre Administrator

Early childhood education types and differences

In New Zealand, early childhood education means the range of facilities available for children under five, which includes kindergartens, or kindys, preschools, or day care centres. There are thousands of childcare and preschool centres throughout the country, and they fall into 2 general categories:

  • Teacher-led early childhood education centres, including preschools like Albany Community Preschool, and kindergartens.
  • Parent-led early childhood education, including Playcentres and KĊhanga Reo.

In teacher-led centres half of the supervising adults must be qualified and registered as early childhood education teachers, whereas with parent-led services the parents and caregivers care for and educate children.


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