Thank you for being dedicated and passionate about teaching our child. Also thank you for encouraging him to learn and try new things. we were so lucky that we found ACP for our son. Jayden really enjoyed the times he spent at ACP. With love and support we can see now Jayden gained more confidence than before. Thank you so much again we really appreciate for everything you've done for our boy. Jessica and Chris Oh


We have had two children attend ACP and both have flourished in the wonderfully supportive environment. The staff are genuinely interested in building relationships with all children and their families, and they provide a supportive environment where the most outgoing children can thrive and shy and sensitive kids can settle and build their confidence. It is a very special place for families that I just cannot recommend highly enough!


We recently moved our 4-year-old from a privately run facility to ACP after her brother attended 8 years ago and it was a pleasant surprise to still see some of the same familiar faces. The difference in our child since she started at ACP is remarkable. She has flourished under the warm teachers and the welcoming environment and is happy, confident and loving every day at preschool. Every opportunity here is a learning opportunity!


Our family’s experience at Albany Community Preschool has been very positive. ACP has a consistent, long-serving team who deliver a stimulating and engaging programme to the children in a very caring and supportive way. ACP is well-resourced and has a great outdoor area to challenge and inspire the children. The preschool pets and butterfly house are a lovely feature of the preschool. For the older children, the before-school transition group is a wonderful programme to assist your child to become more school-ready.


I don't have words to explain how good this place is. I have had two kids go to ACP, and the experience has been simply amazing. All the teachers at ACP are highly experienced, welcoming, caring, and enthusiastic, and you won't have to worry anything once your child is in their hands. I was amazed by the transformation my kids went through during their stay at ACP. The staff has been so supportive and kind to us throughout this time, and they would go out of the way to support the children and their parents whenever needed.


It’s a lovely family center, the teachers are very experienced and are great at supporting the children. The outdoor playing area is excellent, there are plenty of resources. Being a not for profit centre ensures that it is run thinking about the wellbeing and development of the kids and family input is always appreciated. I would definitely recommend this centre to any family looking in the area.


I switched my first child to Albany Community Preschool from a for-profit daycare and the difference was night and day. She went from being a child who cried at every drop off to one who skipped into the centre and waved me off with barely a backwards glance. You can feel the safe, warm vibe of the place the second you step in, plus the staff genuinely care about the children. There is a balanced blend of stimulating activities and free play, with great things like baking and fun excursions. ACP gave my daughter the perfect base from which to hit the ground running when she started school.


I could not be happier with my decision to enrol my son at Albany Community Preschool. The environment is warm and welcoming and has such an amazing outdoor space for kids to run and play. Every single one of the teachers is absolutely incredible. They have made my son feel safe and because of this he is thriving and his confidence is up. They are always available for a chat and when my son goes to school I'm going to miss them. This is honestly the best preschool.


The teachers are skillful, patient and supportive.


The teachers are very experienced and nurturing and they genuinely care about the children’s well-being.


We love the emphasis on outdoor free play and the frequent trips and family participation events.


We found the glo-bugs sessions very helpful for enhancing creativity and preparation for school.